The Team

Paul OíConnell (Tink) - IDC Staff Instructor
Tink first started diving in the Caribbean during a family holiday. He continued to dive on the island of Barbados until deciding to progress to Open Water Scuba Instructor in the UK and met his wife Ali. He has been teaching on the south coast ever since. Tink has experience of diving in various locations in Barbados, the Red Sea, Cape Verde and the UK .

Tink is our Senior Diving Instructor and co-ordinates all Liquid Divers underwater adventures and will be found instructing on all courses.


Alison OíConnell (Ali) - Advanced Open Water Diver
Alison learnt to dive on the south coast to enable her to dive with friends on holiday in the Red Sea and really caught the bug, as well Tink! She has clocked up numerous dives overall in all different locations and is just about to take her Rescue Diver Course to progress her diving skills. Alison has experience of diving in locations such the Red Sea, Barbados, Cape Verde, South Coast and Wales. 

Alison runs the non diving side and topside adventures of Liquid Divers and can be found offering shore support (including food and drink) when she isnít diving herself.


Wayne Loon - Divemaster
Wayne started diving in Greece in 2001 where he completed a Scuba Diver course. He undertook his Open Water qualification in Turkey and achieved his Advanced Open Water, Rescue, Emergency First Response and Divemaster courses in the UK.  Wayne has enjoyed diving in Cyprus, the Red Sea, St Lucia and can't wait for the next Flippin Divers Holiday next year. Wayne has a strong interest in photography and general having a laugh and a giggle.

Wayne can be found shopping for T-Shirts & assisting Tink in the courses that Liquid Divers run. Wayne can be hired for guided/ orientation dives.


Doc David Adey - Divemaster
Doc has years of experience diving all over the South Coast, UK and abroad as well as being our local dive doctor in Southampton. Doc is Liquid Divers mind of information especially when it comes to the maritime history and information. What Doc doesn't know about diving the south coast general isn't worth knowing in the first place. Doc starting diving with Liquid Divers at the beginning of 2007, as a qualified PADI Divemaster and TDI Instructor. 

Doc can be found taking certified divers on guided dives and assisting Tink in the other courses that Liquid Divers run.



Kirsty Parsons  - IDC Staff Instructor
Kirsty Parsons qualified as a PADI Open Water Instructor with Tink in 2005 and they went on to qualify as Staff Instructors together in 2007with Liquid Divers.

Kirsty joined the Liquid Divers Team in 2008 & is also a freelance PADI instructor in the following:

  • PADI IDC Staff Instructor
  • PADI Specialty Instructor (8 specialties)
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) Care for Children Instructor
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) First Aid at Work Instructor
  • DSAT Gas Blender (Nitrox)

In Liquid Diver's opinion Kirsty is great Staff Instructor buddy and friend. Kirsty can be found blowing bubbles along the South Coast in various locations with her students.


Justine Moore - Divemaster
Justine started diving in 2004 and then helped convince Ali to start diving. So in 2005 Justine and Ali headed of to the Redsea for a holiday in which she completed her Advanced Open Water course. She has since return to both Sharm and Dahab with the Flippin Divers. In 2007 Justine spent some of her time diving along the south coast, certified in EFR and as a Rescue Diver. We are proud to say in 2008 Justine completed her Divemaster training with Liquid Divers are has decided to Liquid Divers Teaching Team.

Justine can be found always helping out or fraternising with her special rubber friend Bob or pining over Dave when not assisting with Liquid Diver Courses.



Simon Vanderplank - Divemaster
Simon has dived in various locations around the world and UK waters. He has a keen interest in all kinds of diving including technical. Simon started diving with Liquid Divers in 2007 in order to complete his Master Scuba Diver Course by completing his Wreck Diver and Fish ID Specialities. He has since gone on to complete his Night Diver Speciality in January 08 when he joined the Flippin Divers trip to Barbados.

One of Simon's many resent challenges has been to complete his Divemaster training. We are more than happy to welcome Simon into the Liquid Divers team.



Kim Remsbery - Divemaster
Kim has dived in various locations around the world and UK waters including the various coasts of Cornwall, Kimmeridge, Swanage, Malta, Elat - Israel, the Redsea and Lanzarote. Her favourite being diving with Hammerhead Sharks and Manta Rays. Kim has transferred over from BSAC training over to PADI to complete her diver training. Kim started diving back in 1985 with BSAC New Forset & Waterside where she achieved her Sports Diver certification and then transferred to PADI Rescue Diver. Kim took a break from diving while she concentrated on her family. In 2008 Kim decided to completed her Divemaster course this with Liquid Divers.
Liquid Divers are very proud that Kim has chosen to continue teaching for liquid Divers after completing her course. We believe our students will really benefit from her enthusiasm for diving, attention to detail and fun but professional approach.

Click here for Kim's review of the Divemaster Course.


Trish Liddan - Advanced Open Water Diver
Trish learnt to dive on the south coast, so that she could join her family & friends diving. Trish has been diving since May 2006 and certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver in the Redsea at Christmas 2006. Trish has already explored parts of the Red Sea, Cape Verde and Lanzarote and is excited about carrying on her underwater travels all around the world. Trish is planning on gathering experience of diving in the UK this year with Liquid Divers.
Trish can be found supporting Alison by offering shore support (including refreshments) when she isnít diving herself. She also does a good line in providing Flippin Divers with hand made cards for special occasions!

Padi OíConnell - Diving Dog in Training
Padi decided to join Liquid Divers after taking Tink & Ali for a walk at their Local Blue Cross Rescue Centre in April 2007. Padi's current diving related experiences include trying to ensure Liquid Divers lunches are up to scratch, all the kit boxes are perfectly intact so that he can try launching himself off them over the garden fence. and all the kit is regularly washed out and that includes Tink with the garden hose.

Padi is has his own life jacket and accompanies Liquid Divers on their travels around the coast. He likes to join in with Flippin Diver adventures when possible including swimming, kayaking & hiking to the top of Snowdon.  Padi loves to be the centre of attention and not to be left out.



PADI courses provided by Paul OíConnell, OWSI #624095